Welcome to Fabulinus!

We're obviously still getting things set up (and will be for quite a while).
Academic contest archives are available in the Contests menu. More to come throughout the year!

What is Fabulinus?

Fabulinus provides helpful materials for those studying for JCL contests, or Latin/Greek classics in general.
We've taken the great materials JCL organizations have created and converted them into more interactive, accessible formats.

Who runs Fabulinus?

You! Get in touch with us at [email protected] - we're looking for contributors!
In the other sense, William McKinnerney is the sole caretaker of this site.

What's the history behind Fabulinus?

After more than a decade hosted internally at St. Andrew's Episcopal School,
we decided to spin off the generally available JCL portions of the St. Andrew's Latin Club site into this new resource.

Soon, we'll make available interactive tests and review quizzes to other schools across Texas.
If you're interested in adding content to Fabulinus for your state, send us an email!